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TheCRY is a national solemn assembly in the posture of Joel 2. Worship and prayers are led by various national, regional and local leaders from various generations, regions of Canada and cultural backgrounds.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 National Day of Prayers have been facilitated by a group of leaders from various regions, denominations, cultural backgrounds, generations and organizations. It was birthed out of the Canadian Prophetic Council and administratively served by TheCRY (a ministry of V-Kol).


Please join the 24-7 virtual prayer wall for godly government, life, to end human trafficking, for faith freedom and the end of youth suicide by committing to a 15 minute weekly prayer slot.  You can sign up at


Mailing Address:  


c/o V-Kol Media Ministries

PO Box 21045

Quispamsis, NB

E2E 4Z4

Notice:  If you are mailing a donation please make it payable to "V-Kol Media Ministries".

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Giving by e-transfer can be very challenging & costly from an administrative perspective.  We humbly ask that you use the preferred method of giving through our donation link HERE if possible.  Please only use e-transfers if it is your only option.  If you would like a tax receipt please also put your address in the memo. Thank you so much for helping us save time and resources.

Donations can be sent by e-transfer to

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