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154 Word Prayer

Please join us in praying a 154 word prayer every day from now until the election (1 word for each year since Confederation).


Daily Prayer Points
From the National House of Prayer

The National House of Prayer is releasing daily prayer points and videos for election prayer. Click here to sign up to receive these.

Click here to watch prayer point video archives.

General Prayer Points For the 44th Election 

* Declare the Lord's majesty over Canada
* Worship Him as Lord over Canada
* Pray for all government corruption to be exposed
* Pray for wisdom for voters to vote for those who have soft hearts to the will of God & who have His wisdom for Canada at this time
* Pray believers would vote
* Pray that all those who have stood for Godly values in the previous Parliament would be re-elected
* Pray for favour on the righteous
* Pray for good candidates to have the volunteers and resources they need to run good campaigns
* Pray for awakening in the church and for the fear of the Lord
* Pray for unity in the church

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